We prostitute brands instead of building relationships

Transcribed from an interview in Germany, November 2012 about the progress of [advertising] technology and the impacts on today's consumers. The digital industry is more often targeted for its appropriation of innovation technology than practically any other field. However, particularly in Germany this triggers particular fears and discussions - the right to [...]

UK v US: The Great Digital Divide

A question was posted on a discussion board “What is the difference between the British and American approach to digital advertising?” My first thought was, ‘other then the Americans loving the brash diamond-white smiling salesmen-type approach saying “trust me” and the English preferring cynicism, sarcasm and convincing with facts from the “and now the [...]

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Are you connected?

Convergence is to me the heart of the semantic web 3.0. It is where we move beyond social media into a personal digital space that permeates our social environment – whether global or local. It is about creating time, philosophies, and ideals and developing conversations around things that matter the most to individuals, and in [...]

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