Our very near future

I want to show two different angles of the near future. This is something that is beyond a vision of the next ten years, it is the very system being implemented. Microsoft Office Labs Vision 2019 The first is a very fine vision of a connnected world with some of the most tastiest technological concepts [...]

Why Internet advertising will not fail

So seems as the near 600 comments in response to Eric Clemons, Why Advertising Is Failing On The Internet on TechCrunch this week is striking a few chords with some and ruffling a few feathers with others. I find both hardly suprising, yet it just amazes me how anyone is giving this article any [...]

ClickZ Online Video Advertising Forum – Technical Innovations

The following is both the presentations and panel discussion from the Technical Innovations - Vendor Section at ClickZ Online Video advertising forum that was held in New York last month. Features Robert J. Victor from DoubleClick and myself representing Eyeblaster, over a 30 minute session discussing the issues around online video. Part 1 [...]

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