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When Windscreens Become Computer Screens

As our cars become ever more connected, in car entertainment will become the new frontier in our interactive online experience. What's the most expensive computer you have ever purchased? No, it wasn't that tricked out Macbook Pro from a few years ago that set you back over £2k. It was your car. Your car [...]

Spending Time With New York Street Advertising Takeover

I wrote an article before entitled Banksy and Brody: brand designers for a digital age as I was enamoured with Banksy's opening line ‘one man’s advertising is another man’s graffiti’. Always amuses me that people complain that online advertising is terrible. When you take a walk around the streets you sure do see a [...]

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BadMen – mature thinking needed in Digital Advertising

The last 24 hours I have been presenting some new global data findings to various members of the industry press; namely do people “see” and “like” ads online – and is there a way of measuring this in better ways then the archaic concept of ‘click thru’ in relation to display advertising. I mentioned that [...]

Our very near future

I want to show two different angles of the near future. This is something that is beyond a vision of the next ten years, it is the very system being implemented. Microsoft Office Labs Vision 2019 The first is a very fine vision of a connnected world with some of the most tastiest technological concepts [...]

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