1 – Retrospection

Masters Retrospection.

A look into the history of Digital Display Advertising.

The wrong trousers: Clicks no longer fit for purpose

Over the last month, as I have been preparing to submit my second Masters assignment reflecting upon my own professional development, I have been involved in a couple of meetings that have made me stop and think about where things are at. Bouncing off some keen statistical thinkers, such as Caroline Vogt at Microsoft and [...]

Online Advertising History: Flash by name, Cookies by nature

In an answer as to why my blog has been quiet of late, I offer my submission of the first assignment for my Masters in Creative Media Practice which looks at Research, Theory & Creative Change for Online Advertising; identifying key events which led to change, analysing the reasons for change and how they were [...]

The first online advert – 1994

In researching the history of online advertising, what has amazed me is that within 12 days of the first official browser being launched, Mosaic Netscape 0.9 (13th October 1994), Modem Media launched a graphical advert for AT&T. Source: Brand Republic: 10 years of online advertising. "Advertising didn't exist on the internet, but the internet existed," [...]

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