2 – Current Practice

Masters Current Practice.

A look into new Dwell metrics required to satisfy Digital Display Advertising.

Online Display: The demise of Click, the rise of Dwell

"Online Display: The demise of Click, the rise of Dwell" is a study into measuring the intrinsic value of online display media and investigation to the nature of advertising and consumer engagement in general. The document is based around a calculated argument for shifting away from historic response-based metrics into a more natural measurement of consumer stimulation.

BadMen – mature thinking needed in Digital Advertising

The last 24 hours I have been presenting some new global data findings to various members of the industry press; namely do people “see” and “like” ads online – and is there a way of measuring this in better ways then the archaic concept of ‘click thru’ in relation to display advertising. I mentioned that [...]

Has digital advertising reached a plateau?

Having spent time looking at some of the key moments and influencers in the development of the online advertising business, what strikes me from my own personal observation and reflections on the industry is the plateau I feel we have reached right now. Oh yes, I appreciate the growth of e-commerce and the public in [...]

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