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The 10 hottest media trends for 2012

As we have wrapped up 2011 and look back on another great year for online, what are the digital media trends we need to watch in 2012? Beyond the continued rise of DSPs and much anticipated industry consolidation, here are the developments you need to be tracking.HTML 5 Now that Adobe has killed Flash for [...]

TV & Online: Convergence or Collision?

In the digital tech space, we’re already seeing radical changes in television as it begins to converge more and more with the online world. Think about the massive transformation that TV has already gone through – starting with the humble video recorder to the range of connected satellite / cables boxes and gaming consoles – [...]

Location, location, location! Why ads in Apps are a promising future for brand advertisers

A few weeks ago, while waiting for my next flight at the Copenhagen airport, I started giggling insanely by myself as I was staring at an app on my iPhone. When I looked up from my screen, I noticed some curious faces staring back at me. “Facebook!” I explained and the friendly smiles in return [...]

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The Visualization of Search

Want to See the Future of Search? Better Look EastRemember the day you first discovered Google search. Now, think back to what search was like before, using Altavista and Lycos. It was pretty painful stuff. Google with its plain vanilla HTML interface, simple black text, blue links and one sole graphic did nothing but revolutionize [...]