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Why Internet advertising will not fail

So seems as the near 600 comments in response to Eric Clemons, Why Advertising Is Failing On The Internet on TechCrunch this week is striking a few chords with some and ruffling a few feathers with others. I find both hardly suprising, yet it just amazes me how anyone is giving this article any [...]

Bridging the Great Media Divide

I started 2009 standing at the base of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – the now second largest building in the world – admiring the magnificence of modern architecture rising 452m from the ground like two enormous steel stalagmites. Yet it was the Skybridge linking the two towers together that ultimately captivated [...]

The future of print is digital – and its here now

So I finally manage to get my hands on the latest October issue of the American version of Esquire Magazine that hosts the world’s first eInk cover, with moving words and flashing images. The 75th Anniversary limited edition issue of Esquire Magazine seems to be as rare as hen’s teeth as my colleague scoured [...]

The freedoms of the British people are in real danger

So no sooner do I write the previous post saying we need some check-points in this fast-paced evolution into the cyber-world of SkyNet, then I pick up the Evening Standard and read that the UK’s top prosecutor is also concerned at the rising tide of technology usurping the British people by giving away ‘enormous’ levels [...]