Being Human: The Rise of Artificial Sex

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Being Human: The Rise of Artificial Sex

robot_sexIf you have not caught Channel 4’s Sci-Fi show “Humans” yet, then you really should. A joint Anglo-American production, the series explores the themes of artificial intelligence and robotics, focusing on the social, cultural, and psychological impact of the invention of anthropomorphic robots called “synths”.

In a similar vein, HBO’s Westworld, is about a technologically advanced, Western-themed amusement park populated completely by synthetic androids dubbed “hosts” – and caters to high-paying visitors who can do whatever they wish within the park…

What is interesting about both shows is the anthropological and sociological investigations into human behaviour when faced with robots that look – and act – like ourselves. Fiction it may be, presently, but romantic liaison’s with Robots is set to become a thing of the norm. Beyond vibrators, Grindr or Snapchat Sexting – the desire for intimacy with a mechanical duplicate is taking many headlines right now:

We have already had “Her” being on the big screen, which follows the story of a lonely writer who develops an unlikely relationship with an operating system designed to meet his every need. That’s not even meeting physical needs, but raising a whole other complexity of AI sensuality.

For my own peers heading towards our later years, perhaps getting a rise won’t be anything to do with a little blue pill…


But in case you are wondering just how far all this is, Gemma Chan the star of “Humans” explores Artificial Intelligence in a prequel to the season 2 of the show, and builds a lifelike robot of herself…
Video: How to Build a Human [Channel 4]

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