About deandonaldson

Dean is a transformation strategist and digital futurologist involved in global consumer evangelism; helping businesses prepare for radical change and positioning brands at the forefront of emerging media. Foreseeing an intersection of technology and biology, Dean explores fusing location-based targeting with genetic profiling – whilst tackling the ethics shaping the next generation of addressability, relevance and engagement.

How TV will change the game for digital marketers

TV is about to go through the biggest radical rethink in decades as it becomes connected to the internet. And who is going to help manage this process of change? You, the digital marketer. When you work in digital marketing, mentioning TV in the same breath probably conjures up pictures of Don Draper fraternizing [...]

Watch and Surf – TVs, PCs, Smartphones and the rise of the Dual Screener

Mobile browsing while watching the TV? We’re a nation of “Dual Screeners” and advertisers are learning new tricks to keep us engaged. One of the biggest consumer trends in television these days is “Dual Screening”. More and more viewers use a mobile, tablet or a PC at the same time as they watch a [...]