About deandonaldson

Dean is a transformation strategist and digital futurologist involved in global consumer evangelism; helping businesses prepare for radical change and positioning brands at the forefront of emerging media. Foreseeing an intersection of technology and biology, Dean explores fusing location-based targeting with genetic profiling – whilst tackling the ethics shaping the next generation of addressability, relevance and engagement.

When Windscreens Become Computer Screens

As our cars become ever more connected, in car entertainment will become the new frontier in our interactive online experience. What's the most expensive computer you have ever purchased? No, it wasn't that tricked out Macbook Pro from a few years ago that set you back over £2k. It was your car. Your car [...]

Video Bridges the Gap Between TV and Online Advertising

Advertising is evolving as the big screen and PC become one As more and more people are viewing video content online, the line between TV and online is beginning to blur. comScore's recently published statistics for online video viewing and ad exposure in Europe reveals the biggest growth in video ad consumption is in [...]

Second Screen Advertising – How Brands Will Use Our Phones and Tablets to Reach Us

Think about it - when is the last time you sat still watching a TV show? Chances are, even with your favorite football match or reality series on, you're still fiddling with another screen - be that a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or whatever screen the fingertips land on. This shift in consumer [...]

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