has posted an article entitled “Video creates better brand impact for Web ads”. What is interesting is that there in the heart of Asia, the penny seems to be dropping quicker than elsewhere that true brand impact cannot be measured soley by a response-based metric such as the “click”. When you consider this is a publisher’s take on an industry problem, their commercial model is often justified in delivering results for clients – results that for the last decade have been based around a single point of justification – the Click Through Rate (CTR).

They are not alone, many publishers who are adept at attracting users to their content are adopting ways of delivering brand impact in situ as opposed to seeing all adverts a traffic driving vehicle elsewhere. The recent flurry of MSN page skins seek to do just that, and again Asia has led the charge, and has caused their western counterparts to look for the wisdom contained therein.

It is great to see Rich Media maturing and finally being seen as immersive and not just intrusive for users to deliver true brand potential for advertisers.

A new dawn for digital advertising really is rising in the East…