Are you connected?

Are you connected?

Convergence is to me the heart of the semantic web 3.0. It is where we move beyond social media into a personal digital space that permeates our social environment – whether global or local. It is about creating time, philosophies, and ideals and developing conversations around things that matter the most to individuals, and in turn teaching advertisers how to embrace this effectively. It is not about selling, it’s about developing relationships and conversations. Building a global infrastructure will help facilitate this.

This video form Microsoft shows their vision of the here and now in how to cross socio-political borders.

By Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions

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I am a Digital Transformation Strategist and focussed on global evangelism; helping position clients at the forefront of emerging media and the next generation of consumer engagement. I'm passionate about how storytelling and creative technology can be used to deliver focussed messages – irrespective of the consumer viewing device – and then drive favourable outcomes for brands, whilst addressing concerns over user profiling.

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