Apple, Playboy and the future of comics

Apple, Playboy and the future of comics

Rumoured Apple iTabletSo no sooner do I start to round up my thoughts on e-Paper then someone alerts me to all sorts of rumors’ becoming rife around a possible Apple eBook/iTablet. I had heard of Apple and Google both “scanning” in books recently, assuming Apple for eBook sales and Google for searching. With an anticipated new iPhone v3 hanging in the wings to complement the software upgrade, it would indeed make sense that apple would favour a device they could sell “stuff” for, like “iBooks”, over merely pushing out a new Apple NetBook.

Apparently Apple are already considering things like eComics, complementing eBooks with iTunes becoming the central hub for all digital media sales; you can just see it can’t you – log in to iTunes to download a copy of Wall Street Journal’s ePrint edition and pull down Harepr Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, alternate between the latest TED’s videos or lose yourself in collecting Batman eComic’s, play Kylie Minogue tunes whilst browsing Vogue Magazines, or pretend to watch the latest episode of 24 whilst secretly thumbing through an interactive version of Playboy Magazine… I dread to see the ads in ePorn – but I guarantee they will be a lot more interesting then Esquire’s Ford ad!

Whatever this device is called, an “eBook”, an “iBook” or a “TouchBook” (cue old MacDonald ‘e-i-e-i-touch’), some interactive sharp screen from the Apple stable will sure as heck get the rest of us craving reading again on our commute whilst we are listening to music on our iPod/iPhone.

Just please Apple – can it be bundled with Flash & Wi-Fi?!

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