• I had the pleasure of choosing your Spotlight [at iMedia Florida] and loved your presentation. What I saw in your presentation is exactly the message I try to deliver to prospective clients… it was in my humble opinion, the best part of the Summit!

      Maryalice Peterson, Localeze
    • Just want to say a big thank you for the presentation to John Frieda. The client has been amazed by very high quality of the presentation. They are now very excited by all the creative opportunities available for them.

      Marie-Anne Garnier, Zed Media
    • Dean is a passionate and super knowledgeable expert in the digital space. Always thinking creatively and relentlessly pursuing best digital solutions for clients and partners. It has been a fantastic experience working with Dean and Eyeblaster!

      Andy Chen, Isobar Global
    • Dean is quite an extraordinary character and a rare breed – a fiery, persuasive and energetic evangelist, a visionary mind and an inspiring creative with endless imagination and drive. He’s the guy every team needs to breathe life into the day & bring it all together in time for the deadline.

      Alexander Cameron, Digital TX
    • Dean is an excellent public speaker who manages to translate the geeky world of online marketing into something that all marketers can relate to. His knowledge about the digital environment and his skills as an evangelist is extremely valuable for all companies operating within new media.

      Even Aas-Eng, McCann Worldgroup
    • Dean seems to live and breathe digital advertising – One of the most driven and passionate people I’ve met with regards to his work and has lent a plethora of support to the Microsoft Advertising business over the past few years…

      David Pugh-Jones, Microsoft
    • There is probably no one else who knows as much or is as passionate about Rich Media than Dean. If he’s working with you on a project, innovative and reasonable decisions will be made, and things will work well when they need to, which is a rare thing in the online world…

      Alec McCrindle, Yahoo!
    • Dean is a digital visionary who makes you instantly re-think strategy and approach with solid facts and information. At a recent presentation Dean invigorated my will to make further changes within the business at Activision. Truly inspirational!

      Mark Cox, Activision
    • Dean is an true online advertising evangelist – he walks the walk as well as talks the talk. His grasp of the business is second to none and he’s able to really communicate his passion to a non-geek audience, from the nuts and bolts right up to the more esoteric theories…

      David Burrows, Phorm
    • Dean is a true digital evangelist who is bursting with enthusiasm. He has become an essential part of our client digital days at PHD Rocket and has a fantastic ability to imbue clients with his contagious digital passion!

      Le’Nise Brothers, PHD Rocket
    • Dean is one of a rare breed of extremely passionate digital marketer/ technologist/ ideation master. When I needed a fresh, challenging, assumptions-checking perspective on an industry issue or a business problem, Dean was a always a great person with whom to talk it through.

      James Sandoval, Neo@Ogilvy
    • I would really like to take this opportunity to thank you for joining us in our event & make it a huge success. I’m really very glad about how the event was shaped from the great presentation that you shared with us! I’m quite sure that everyone who attended the session share with me the same vision.

      Mohamed ElSayad, MSN Arabia
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Courting the consumer

Spending quality time with your audience

Times have changed. Consumers have a voice and are dictating where and when they want to be entertained. It is no longer sufficient to build a brand offline and drive response online. How can an industry that has built itself up around measuring user response now assist advertisers in effectively developing quality brand time in an ever increasing digital world where consumers have a voice? With a rise of new metrics focussing on the user’s environment against their position within the customer life cycle, Dean Donaldson will highlight how brands can now confidently begin to embrace, influence and measure the impact of branding online. We will look at practical examples of how brands are utilizing the latest advertising technology to maximize media dollars and illuminate intelligent insights into a consumers’ purchase intent.
Theme(s): Brand Building; Analytics; Social Media
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