Esquire Magazine's eInk cover

So I finally manage to get my hands on the latest October issue of the American version of Esquire Magazine that hosts the world’s first eInk cover, with moving words and flashing images. The 75th Anniversary limited edition issue of Esquire Magazine seems to be as rare as hen’s teeth as my colleague scoured the […]


Sir Ken Macdonald

So no sooner do I write the previous post saying we need some check-points in this fast-paced evolution into the cyber-world of SkyNet, then I pick up the Evening Standard and read that the UK’s top prosecutor is also concerned at the rising tide of technology usurping the British people by giving away ‘enormous’ levels […]


The Future of the Internet

We were reviewing Kevin Kelly’s “Predicting the next 5,000 days of the web” today in the office. He is the founding executive director of Wired magazine and he discussed at a TED conference the next wave of the Internet and how he sees this progressing. [youtube=] My own version in terms of looking ahead was […]


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A great video slide-show revealing the latest global figures for the digital community. Put together by the guys at Initiative, London. [youtube=] Want automatic updates? Subscribe to my RSS feed or Get E-mail Updates.


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